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We review all services before putting them into our marketplace. We are affiliated with some providers and do receive a referral commission for their products. However, we will not put a service or company into our market that we have not used ourselves, or tested thoroughly.

MicroSoft Office has been the standard for business computing over the past several decades.  And 365 is no different, only now you can pay monthly & it's cloud based.

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Google Apps is a great tool for many start up businesses.  Comes with Email, Docs, Sites, Calendar and more.  All interactive and in the cloud.  $5/month per user.

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FreshBooks essentially invented "Cloud Accounting" and many others have followed suit ever since.  So if you're needing a great invoicing, then FreshBooks is the tool for you.

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Ring Central offers a complete professional phone system in the Cloud.  Starting at $19.99 a  month, the set up is perfect for small businesses who don't want to spend too much on telecom set up.

Ring Central Info - Click Here

Another great telecom replacement service that allows you to run your office using cellphones is Grasshopper from Citrix. You can even keep your existing number to maintain your branding.

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Virtual PBX offers a complete telecom setup for any business, and a great variety of plans no matter your budget.  Virtual PBX features include things like fax, voicemail, 800 number, unlimited minutes, etc.

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Collaborating with your team has never been more important with the "cloud based" environment demand from clients. Yammer helps you organize and collaborate better.

Yammer Info - Click Here is the leading CRM App on the market today and has been for years.  They also have a variety of products that stem out from their mother ship.

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Another long standing cloud base CRM produc is Sugar CRM.  It has everything you need with a client manager and is a little more affordable than some.

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Basecamp is one of the original cloud based collaboration software platforms that's been around for 17 years now. They invented Ruby on Rails too. Nuff Said.

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**DISCLAIMER: The following reviews and information for the business software companies is our opinion only. We have worked with all of these providers with clients before, so we have extensive knowledge of their platforms.  However, these are NOT ADVERTISEMENTS.  But, we are also affiliated with some of the companies, meaning they pay us a commission for a referral.