Securing your website is one of the most over looked issues that hurt small businesses today. Most of us think, once the site is built, it's good to go. Well not so fast. You need some type of protection to prevent hackers from infecting you, and your clients. And Sucuri is one option that is affordable, and they can keep your server free and clear of bugs and more. Click on any of the banners or button to check them out.

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Lock it Down

Sucuri can help you lock your website down to prevent data leaks or buggy hackers going through your stuff.

Keep Viruses Out

Let Sucuri keep your servers and website completely bug free.

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The DIY Tech Help Desk offers the ability to file trouble tickets to assist you with any technology problems you may encounter.  We also offer a Knowledge Base which offers articles, videos and general help for many different software platforms, plugins, hosting, and more.

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