Graphics & Stock Files

We review all services before putting them into our marketplace. We are affiliated with some providers and do receive a referral commission for their products. However, we will not put a service or company into our market that we have not used ourselves, or tested thoroughly.

Audio Jungle is a great place to buy audio files for use in marketing or podcasts.  Including background music, stingers, intros and fillers. They are inexpensive files with great quality.

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Deposit Photos has some of the best stock files for websites, presentations, flyers or whatever you need.  They have royalty free photos, vectors, videos and even mainstream news media shots you can legally use for your site.

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If you need to make your website look like a million bucks, skip the local photographer and go buy stock photos on fotolia for hundreds less.  Better quality. And no where near the headaches as local shoots.

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Dream Template offers everything when it comes to graphic, design and web based files.  From Flash Files, to Word Templates, to Power Point presentations, DT can hook you up for less than a designer.

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Video Hive offers great access to video files, graphics, info-graphics, intros, effects and much more.  Don't waste a ton on custom creation, just pick a VH file, edit it, and literally save thousands.

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Photo Dune is another stock photo repository with some very cheap image files.  Unlike some of the expensive sites, or member type of set up, you can buy individual files as Photo Dune for as little as $1 per.

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Code Canyon is full of specialty coding products for PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Plugins, Mobile, CSS, HTML5, Mobile and more.  Shop for cool scripts to get your project going, instead of creating from scratch.

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Starting a logo contest usually runs about 50% less compared to what a local designer charges, and gives you many more options to choose from per contest. Get the best graphics designers fighting for your business.

48 Hours Logo Info - Click Here

Graphic River offers a wide array of graphic products, including Logos, Power Point Presentations, Photoshop files and a whole lot more. For a simple presentation, go here, and don't wast hundreds on a sub par end game.

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**DISCLAIMER: The following reviews and information is our opinion only. We have worked with all of these providers with clients before, so we have extensive knowledge of their platforms.  And again, we are also affiliated with some of the companies listed, meaning they pay us a commission for each referral.