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We review all services before putting them into our marketplace. We are affiliated with some providers and do receive a referral commission for their products. However, we will not put a service or company into our market that we have not used ourselves, or tested thoroughly.

Themefuse offers dynamic themes for WordPress, based on their "core platform".  Their themes are interchangeable through their system.

ThemeFuse Info - Click Here

Mojo Themes has turned into way more than just a theme house as of late.  And they always use reliable developers with decent updates.

Mojo Info - Click Here is a long standing WordPress Theme House with some sophisticated designs. Their entire library runs on their drag and drop builder.  Perfect for the beginner.

Themify Info - Click Here

StudioPress by Copyblogger has been around forever, and is considered a juggernaut when it comes to WP Themes.  Very professional look and feel. Perfect for any business.

StudioPress Info - Click Here

Solostream offers professional looking themes that are great for corporate blogs, magazines and general business websites.  They have been around as long as we can remember.

Solostream Info - Click Here

If you are looking for an elegant looking magazine or newspaper theme, Gabfire Themes would be one of our first choices.

Gabfire Themes - Click Here

Themeshift offers very professional and classy themes for WordPress.  They've been around since 2009 and you can get all six themes for only $99.  Pretty good deal.

Themeshift Info - Click Here

CSS Igniter has a great variety of themes to choose from. Very niched down to industry, their themes are easy to set up, with a very user friendly admin panel.

CSS Igniter Info - Click Here

WP Zoom has historically put out some of the best looking magazine sites in the industry.  Now they have expanded to niche themes and business layouts.

WP Zoom Info - Click Here

Themeforest is from Envato Market out of Austrailia with over 24,000 different themes. WordPress, Joomla, Muse, Tumblr, Landing Pages, HTML and more.

Themforest Info - Click Here

Gorilla Themes offers a top notch professional design with a lot of focus on industry specific targets.  Perfect fit for Car Dealers, Travel Agents, Night Clubs, and Realty Companies.

Gorilla Themes Info - Click Here

Color Labs Project has been pumping out WordPress themes since 2008. They have may specialty type layouts, including mobile apps, job boards, classifieds and more.

Colorlabs Info - Click Here

Bizz Themes is the design class of business templates for WordPress.  They offer many niche themes, along with premium plugins.  They are a tad on the high end when it comes to theme costs, but definitely worth it.

Bizz Themes Info - Click Here

My Theme Shop is a very versatile design house, which also offers premium plugins. There designs are top notch, streamlined and their support is very sufficient as well.

My Theme Shop Info - Click Here

Organic Themes offers a very sophisticated and professional look and feel to their themes, with plenty of variety. If you want a clean, high dollar look to your site, check them out.

Organic Themes Info - Click Here

The themes found at ThemeTrust have very clean lines, great image placement, and can make your business look like a million bucks. You can't really go wrong here.

ThemeTrust Info - Click Here

Elegant Themes was really the original theme house that offered the "club style" membership, or access to all their themes. If you like variety, you'll love Elegant themes.

Elegant Themes Info - Click Here

Premium Press offers top level niche websites for business. With this theme house you can start your own job board, dating site, classified, coupon store and much more. Save thousands on programming with these guys.

Premium Press Info - Click Here

Audio Themes specializes in WP themes for musicians & bands who need an easy way to promote their music or gig information.  Their amazing themes can make any musical act look like a major label artist.

Audio Themes Info - Click Here

Church Themes offers a great option for Churches that don't want to spend to much on their website.  The Church based themes allow for quick set up of features needed for congregations.

Church Themes Info - Click Here

ThemeLab offers very clean and modern looking themes for business. You can buy a single theme or join their theme club to get their entire line up.

ThemeLab Info - Click Here

DIY Themes is the creator of the Thesis Framework, which is a powerful drag and drop theme making for WordPress.  Thesis also has many different child themes that are compatible with their setup.

DIY Themes Info - Click Here

**DISCLAIMER: The following reviews and information for these Theme Providers is our opinion only. We have worked with all of these providers with clients before, so we have extensive knowledge of their platforms.  However, these are NOT ADVERTISEMENTS.  And, we are also affiliated with some of the companies listed above, meaning they pay us a commission for a referral.